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A Youthful Appearance

Tear trough fillers are specialized substances that may be injected under the skin in order to define specific facial features, add or restore volume, and smooth wrinkles. Instantaneous outcomes from filler procedures result in high-impact, natural-looking improvements to the face.

Filler alternatives provided by Maeva Aesthetics will allow you to have a specialized tear trough filler in Austin that is tailored to your requirements and will give you the flawlessly youthful appearance you’ve been searching for.

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What Are Tear Trough Fillers?

Tear trough fillers are treatments that help address skin perfections in the delicate area of the face. These treatments are performed by our medical experts who have extensive training as well as advanced skills to ensure that the eyes don’t look overdone or overfilled.

The inner region of the lower eyelid is known as the tear trough or nasojugal groove. Fat tissue beneath the lower eyelid and upper cheek region naturally decreases with age. The muscles and skin of the lower lid gradually lose their flexibility and stop being securely held in place. The tear trough depression may ultimately protrude away from the face as a result of these changes which is when eye bags start to form as the tissue beneath the eye pulls outward.

The region may become uneven and darkish, giving the appearance of having “dark circles” beneath the eyes. Even with heavy makeup, the face might still seem worn out and unwell. Tear trough filler in Austin is often used to rejuvenate both men and women who desire to seem more relaxed, young, and revitalized.

Your Tear Trough Filler Treatment

This treatment is often completed in two parts separated by 2-4 weeks. This is because filler will naturally draw water, and a modest amount of swelling is anticipated. Therefore, the goal is often to achieve an 80% correction at the first appointment, and then continue to improve it on the second visit. As a result, appropriate correction is possible without “puffiness” beneath the eyes.

Recovery After Tear Trough Fillers

Following your filler injection, minor swelling, bruising, and spot bleeding are common. If numbing cream was used during your service, you will continue to experience numbness for about one to two hours. Please be sure to follow our post-procedure advice to reduce downtime, edema, and bruising.

Results Following Tear Trough Fillers

  • Reduction of the under-eye hollowness,
  • Reduced visibility of the “dark rings” beneath the eyes,
  • Decreased visibility of under-swelling or “bags”,
  • Overall look that is more alert, rested, and renewed.

Before & After

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How Long Will The Injections In My Tear Trough Last?

In certain parts of the face, hyaluronic acid filler molecules may last up to 18 months. The fillers’ visual effects, however, may only be noticeable to the naked eye for a limited time. While HA fillers remain longer in less mobile places like the lower eyelid, tear troughs, or the nose, it will ultimately depend on the patient and how the skin absorbs the product.

Find Out If You’re The Right Candidate For Tear Trough Filler At Maeva Aesthetics

Ready to say goodbye to unwanted dark circles and under eye bags? Call our medical experts today to book your tear trough filler in Austin consultation!